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QPost strikes again

QPost have really excelled themselves this time! On Wednesday 4 September, I received a Christmas card. Yes, you read that right: Christmas. Only 253 days late. Advertisements

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How to enjoy a day off

Living in Doha is absolutely great…unless you try to get something done. At this ‘ambitious’ point, it’s always a bit of a headache; even if it’s something you do every year…like renew your car registration. The car registration is essentially … Continue reading

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Dry Cleaners are different in Doha

In the UK, it was fairly easy: you took things to the dry cleaner, and two days later you picked up your freshly cleaned clothes and paid a million pounds for the privilege. Here it’s not quite like that. In … Continue reading

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Our happy family

We’re obviously looking slightly happier than the cats…

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Road Safety – Doha Style!

Didn’t Britney get into a lot of trouble for this?!

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