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The search for the Northern Lights – Part I

I’d long been fascinated by the Northern Lights, but had never seen them. I knew this year was supposed to be the height of the sun’s activity, so the best time to see them, and therefore there was only one … Continue reading

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Singing Sandstorms

A few weeks ago, I arranged to go to the singing dunes with some friends of mine. The date was set for 17 May. As we got nearer the date, the forecast was for a really windy, sandy day…but what … Continue reading

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Doha in fog

A stunning photo from the sunny side of the city – the top half! Taken from Zigzag Towers by Ovidiu Bogdan.

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Squinting required

How exciting! If you squint a little…and use your imagination a bit…you can definitely see part of a rainbow! That’s the first one I’ve seen in Doha. Now, where’s my pot of gold?

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Steamy Windows!

So far in Doha the humidity has been quite kind to us…but there are times it shows its true colours: This was taken around 6:45am this morning. Look at the bottom 4 windows – nicely steamed up on the outside! … Continue reading

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Florida’s Storm

Spring is fighting its way into the States, quite literally. The milder air is tussling with the cold remains of winter, and it always results in a violent struggle – torrential rain, hail and even tornadoes. This year, Florida, where … Continue reading

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You might know this already, but I write a weekly article for the Gulf Times. It’s out every Sunday on Page 5 of the Time Out section. This week I was writing about Tornadoes, so I was doing a little … Continue reading

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