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Doha in fog

A stunning photo from the sunny side of the city – the top half! Taken from Zigzag Towers by Ovidiu Bogdan. Advertisements

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Rocky road

My parents are here for Christmas! They’re here for a whole ten days, but there’s only so much you can do in Doha. After 3 days they were a bit sick of shopping, so I took them off to see … Continue reading

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Why do cats always look so funny when they’re wet?

Vet day isn’t really my cats’ favourite time. They’re a little stupid, so they always go into their travel boxes without a fuss, but as they’re loaded into the car, they suddenly remember where they’re going, and make a complete … Continue reading

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The hazards of sunbathing

We all know that not applying sun lotion properly can lead to painful sunburn, but it can also lead to unfortunate tanning marks, which are hilarious for all your friends! Look at my friend’s shoulder after a few hours in … Continue reading

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CSI Doha

It all started with a feather. A pink one, on the floor upstairs where it shouldn’t have been. How could it have got there? The cats aren’t allowed upstairs and as far as I know, my husband hasn’t been to any … Continue reading

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Hilariously Stupid Banking Claptrap

I paid off my car loan four years ago. I closed my HSBC account over a year ago. So how come, every month, they send me a statement of my car loan, saying I owe zero?! I tried to get … Continue reading

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Squinting required

How exciting! If you squint a little…and use your imagination a bit…you can definitely see part of a rainbow! That’s the first one I’ve seen in Doha. Now, where’s my pot of gold?

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Fruity Business Revisited

Finally found a use for the grapefruit box… Now what to do with the grapefruit…

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Fruity business

My poor husband thought he was coming down with a cold, so he asked me to go and get some oranges for him, thinking the vitamin C would help him defeat the evil little bug. So, off I went to … Continue reading

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How to enjoy a day off

Living in Doha is absolutely great…unless you try to get something done. At this ‘ambitious’ point, it’s always a bit of a headache; even if it’s something you do every year…like renew your car registration. The car registration is essentially … Continue reading

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