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Road safety

I’ve just been emailed a poster by the Ministry of the Interior. Driving here is horrific, and anything that can be done to improve it is welcomed with open arms. It’s just a shame they didn’t finish their sentence. “Reckless … Continue reading

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Hello Chicken!

My sister arrived in Doha, but unfortunately picked a bad day. She landed at 5:50am on the day they shut the Corniche. We set out on what should have been a 15 minute journey…and hit traffic. Our pitiful speed was … Continue reading

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QPost strikes again

QPost have really excelled themselves this time! On Wednesday 4 September, I received a Christmas card. Yes, you read that right: Christmas. Only 253 days late.

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Wait a minute Mr Postman…

I got a parcel yesterday. How excited I was, as I skipped down to the post office. But after signing forms and giving my ID number etc etc, I was presented with this: I didn’t realise all parcels to Qatar … Continue reading

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Back in the Sandpit

We just got back from the UK. It’s hot there at the moment. In true British fashion, people were complaining it was too hot. It was 29C, 84F. How I laughed! Too hot?? It was positively chilly! That’s about the … Continue reading

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Singing Sandstorms

A few weeks ago, I arranged to go to the singing dunes with some friends of mine. The date was set for 17 May. As we got nearer the date, the forecast was for a really windy, sandy day…but what … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day

My delightful little cat brought me a present for Mother’s Day: I guess he got hungry and ate the other other half. I feel sick. Present or not, he’s now banned from going outside for the rest of the week.

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Livin’ la vida Doha – part II

Whilst the Tripod were in town, we went to the Corniche Pasty to see how much it had changed in the five years since their last visit. This is how it looked 5 years ago: Not many cities have changed … Continue reading

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Livin’ la vida Doha – part I

As a special birthday treat, Dilster and Hoskins came to visit me in Doha, five years to the day since they visited last time. They’re looking good, I think you’ll agree: This time was rather different, as the tripod are … Continue reading

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Crafty workmanship

Last year in Doha, new number plates were phased in. You have to register your car every year, to prove you have insurance and your car is roadworthy. When you registered it last year, they kindly made you some brand … Continue reading

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