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QPost strikes again

QPost have really excelled themselves this time! On Wednesday 4 September, I received a Christmas card. Yes, you read that right: Christmas. Only 253 days late.

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Wait a minute Mr Postman…

I got a parcel yesterday. How excited I was, as I skipped down to the post office. But after signing forms and giving my ID number etc etc, I was presented with this: I didn’t realise all parcels to Qatar … Continue reading

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Musfer Sinkhole

My parents came to visit and buildling on the success of the Zakreet trip on their last visit, this time I decided to show them another geological marvel of Qatar: the Musfer sinkhole. The fact that it was August and … Continue reading

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Ramadan in Doha

The first time you experience Ramadan in the Middle East, it can be a pretty strange time. All countries have their own rules, but in Qatar, work hours are reduced to 30 hours a week, eating during fasting time is … Continue reading

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Advice from the Ministry of the Interior

I’ve just been emailed a powerpoint presentation by the Ministry of Interior. It’s called ‘Safety in Ramadan’, so I assumed it would be about how to stay cool whilst fasting.  I was wrong.  It appears that they’re trying to cut … Continue reading

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Back in the Sandpit

We just got back from the UK. It’s hot there at the moment. In true British fashion, people were complaining it was too hot. It was 29C, 84F. How I laughed! Too hot?? It was positively chilly! That’s about the … Continue reading

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The return of @WeatherSteff

So, I’m finally back on Twitter. The reason I was give was: Twitter has automated systems that find and remove multiple automated spam accounts in bulk. Unfortunately, it looks like your account got caught up in one of these spam … Continue reading

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Radio Silence

Expect me to be quite quiet on Twitter over the next few days… I logged on yesterday to be told that they’ve suspended my Twitter account! The page pointed me towards a ‘Rule and Regulations’ page, which said I must … Continue reading

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Singing Sandstorms

A few weeks ago, I arranged to go to the singing dunes with some friends of mine. The date was set for 17 May. As we got nearer the date, the forecast was for a really windy, sandy day…but what … Continue reading

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Driving in Doha

Sometimes when you’re driving along in Doha, you’ll see something like this on the road: Is this a sign that it’s a very dangerous stretch of road? Is this an accident hotspot? Should we take extra care?! No. It’s a … Continue reading

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