Cayman Islands

On the way back from Cuba, we ended up with a 7 hour stop-over in the Cayman Islands.

What a contrast with Cuba – from a country stuck in the 1950s, to a rich island famous for tax evasion!

One of our friends used to live in the Caymans and told us that if we had a chance, the one thing we should try to do is take a trip out to Sting Ray City.

Sting Ray City is a sandbank just north of Grand Cayman where Sting Rays congregate.

We managed to find a company called EBanks who took out small groups on jetskis – brilliant!

Sting Ray City

Yes, this is a photo of a photo! I really should find out what we’ve done with the original…

Anyway, the trip was brilliant. The sting rays were enormous, and so friendly.

At first I was petrified of them (thinking of Steve Irwin), but it turns out they’re really not dangerous. The sandbank doesn’t break the water, but you can stand up and the sting rays graze past you, like cats rubbing against your legs.

The tour included being dropped off at our hotel. Obviously, being on a 7 hour stop over, we didn’t have one. So instead, we asked to be dropped off back at the airport.

This worked really well in theory. However, turning up at the airport, dripping wet in our swim stuff, was a new experience; suitcase in one hand, snorkel in the other!

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