Hello Chicken!

My sister arrived in Doha, but unfortunately picked a bad day.

She landed at 5:50am on the day they shut the Corniche. We set out on what should have been a 15 minute journey…and hit traffic.

Our pitiful speed was 100 metres in 10 metres, so we had to abandon the car and walk.

Morning Traffic

Morning Traffic

As I walked along, a kind lady leaned out of her stationary vehicle to offer me a lift! How I chuckled as I ambled past her.

We had to walk back to the car with all the luggage. Fortunately though, Qatar Airways had lost my sister’s suitcase so at least they didn’t have to carry too much!

As usual there were some stunning manoeuvres as people tried to cut passed a car or two, and some people seemed to fall asleep leaning on their horns.

One accident happened right next to us as we wandered up the road.

All in all it was a good welcome to the country for my sister and her husband! In the immortal words of D:Ream “Things can only get better”!

About Steff Gaulter

Al Jazeera English's Senior Weather Presenter
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1 Response to Hello Chicken!

  1. Chicken says:

    We had a wonderful time! The traffic jam was just part of the fun of Doha, and the sun was shinning so it was still better than London πŸ™‚

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