Musfer Sinkhole

My parents came to visit and buildling on the success of the Zakreet trip on their last visit, this time I decided to show them another geological marvel of Qatar: the Musfer sinkhole.

The fact that it was August and spending more than four seconds outside makes you melt, didn’t put us off…if only because our car had air conditioning.

It was actually surprisingly straight forward to get there, we just typed ‘Sinkhole, Al Rayyan’ into Google Maps and up it popped!

We drove down the pristine Salwa Road, then turned off and found the little signpost to ‘Umm Al Zubar West’.

At this point the quality of the road went decidedly downhill. In fact at some points it looked like people actively were trying to block our path:Roads

But don’t think a large pile of rubble is going to put us off!

We ploughed on, and eventually turned off the ‘road’, and passed a camel farm,Camel Farm and came across the sinkhole.

It is cordoned off, but the gate is open, and it’s actually pretty impressive:Musfer Sinkhole

If you look carefully, you can see there are people at the bottom, which gives you some idea of scale.

Inside the sinkhole it was also refreshingly cool, which was a blessing. I took my sunglasses off to have this photo taken and it was so hot that my eyes instantly started watering.

Steff and sinkholeThe slightly sad thing, is that the sinkhole is right by…a huge rubbish dump.

Sinkhole surroundingsYou can see the tip in the background, it’s the hill behind the fence.

It’s a shame that one of the most important geological sites in Qatar isn’t being preserved, but anyway, here’s a lovely photo of us all at the sinkhole:

The Gaulters at the sinkhole

All of us, that is, except Felipe… who took the photo…and drove to the sinkhole…and generally looked after us!


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  1. Prashant says:

    Amazing 🙂

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