Singing Sandstorms

A few weeks ago, I arranged to go to the singing dunes with some friends of mine. The date was set for 17 May.

As we got nearer the date, the forecast was for a really windy, sandy day…but what do you do? Do you let down your friends and not go, or just put up with extreme exfoliation?

I went for option B. I’m still not convinced it was the right one…

The winds were so strong you can see the sand flying off the top of the dune:


We tried to park our cars in an L-shape to keep the wind away…


But it was futile. Our drinks had a layer of sand at the bottom, and the crisps had extra crunch. I added to my sandman look by sliding down the dunes and hearing them hum, before we headed home again!

That’s not actually me in case you were wondering, but there are no photos of me up the dune as I was the only wally who got their phone out to take pictures. I don’t think my poor mobile will ever be the same again.

On the way back there were some rather random sights:

Firstly we found the graveyard of Qatari cars. Row upon row of rusting vehicles:


And this sign at the new-looking hospital in Al Wakrah.


Yes that does say Gynecology Emergency.


About Steff Gaulter

Al Jazeera English's Senior Weather Presenter
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