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Radio Silence

Expect me to be quite quiet on Twitter over the next few days… I logged on yesterday to be told that they’ve suspended my Twitter account! The page pointed me towards a ‘Rule and Regulations’ page, which said I must … Continue reading

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Singing Sandstorms

A few weeks ago, I arranged to go to the singing dunes with some friends of mine. The date was set for 17 May. As we got nearer the date, the forecast was for a really windy, sandy day…but what … Continue reading

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Driving in Doha

Sometimes when you’re driving along in Doha, you’ll see something like this on the road: Is this a sign that it’s a very dangerous stretch of road? Is this an accident hotspot? Should we take extra care?! No. It’s a … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day

My delightful little cat brought me a present for Mother’s Day: I guess he got hungry and ate the other other half. I feel sick. Present or not, he’s now banned from going outside for the rest of the week.

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