Livin’ la vida Doha – part II

Corniche PastyWhilst the Tripod were in town, we went to the Corniche Pasty to see how much it had changed in the five years since their last visit.

This is how it looked 5 years ago:

Doha 5 years ago

Not many cities have changed quite as much in just half a decade.

It wasn’t only Doha that had transformed. ‘You’ve changed’ became the catch phrase of the holiday, as Dilster admitted that he’d started going to the gym, and Hoskins dropped the bombshell that he didn’t drink Capri Sun or Red Bull anymore, but had started drinking coffee. At least he still ate tomato ketchup with everything, so he was probably not an impostor.

We went to the golf club for lunch, and ended up actually knocking a few balls about, which was hilarious given that none of us play.

ShelleybeanThen a trip to the beach in the north of the country:

Northern Travels

…which was surprisingly like a trip to the beach in England: we spent most of the time in the car, and had just about enough time to eat our sandwiches before we had to travel home again!

Basking on the beachAt least it was sunny.

Dilster and Shelleybean had to leave on Sunday, so didn’t get to see the Souqs, which was probably a blessing in disguise. The rest of us stumbled across the animals:

All natural coloursI’m sure those chicks aren’t supposed to be that colour. As we left, Hoskins said “I think I’m scarred for life.”

Can’t wait for his birthday, guess what’ll be arriving in the post?


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