Livin’ la vida Doha – part I

As a special birthday treat, Dilster and Hoskins came to visit me in Doha, five years to the day since they visited last time.

They’re looking good, I think you’ll agree:
The tripodThis time was rather different, as the tripod are now all paired up, so it was a double-trouble tripod.

I took them out to see Sheikh Faisal’s Museum, which I’d never been to before. It’s the Sheikh’s personal collection of things, which you can visit if you email and make an appointment (it’s closed Friday and Sunday).

The museum is 25 km out of Doha. To find it you have to drive out of the city on the Dukhan Road, from Qatar Foundation as far as the camel racing track. When you reach the camel racing track, you do a u-turn, and it’s about 3km on the right.

After a little bit of random off-roading trying to find the place, we arrived at this huge building which was full of a eclectic collection of treasures.

From the initial designs of high heel shoes:

Taking walking to a whole new level

To penny farthings:A balancing actOld ambulances:  Ambulance

The odd aeroplane:
Flying Machines

And even a dinosaur:Dino the last dinosaur

Quite staggering considering this is just one man’s collection of things.

As we left, the weather was perfect: Doha clouds

Shelleybean asked, “Steff…are you taking pictures of clouds?”


I guess they’re not so rare in Manchester.


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Al Jazeera English's Senior Weather Presenter
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