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As some of you will know, every year I go on holiday with a couple of friends. As there are three of us, we call ourselves the Tripod. We’ve been to Moscow (via Milan, by accident), Alicante, Vienna, Budapest…the list … Continue reading

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CSI Doha

It all started with a feather. A pink one, on the floor upstairs where it shouldn’t have been. How could it have got there? The cats aren’t allowed upstairs and as far as I know, my husband hasn’t been to any … Continue reading

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Aurora Borealis

Last night it was possible to see the Aurora Borealis over many parts of the UK….well ok, those small patches of the UK which didn’t have too many clouds. The Aurora is sometimes visible over Scotland, but it’s far more … Continue reading

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A Great British Summer

Whilst Doha was enjoying a vicious sandstorm, I escaped to the UK. It was a flying visit, just long enough to attend a wedding, see my parents and my sister and enjoy a lovely cup of tea in the beautiful … Continue reading

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They must be mad

I was born in a forest. Well, that’s what my London friends thought. I was actually born in a hospital, but I was brought up in a forest. The New Forest, none the less. There are two imortant things to … Continue reading

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