Hilariously Stupid Banking Claptrap

I paid off my car loan four years ago. I closed my HSBC account over a year ago.

So how come, every month, they send me a statement of my car loan, saying I owe zero?!

I tried to get them to stop sending me statements on the phone, but was told I had to go into the branch.

I tried going into a branch, but was told I couldn’t go into any old branch, I had to go into my branch in West Bay; yes, that’ll be the one with no parking for their invaluable customers.

So, today I went to the West Bay branch and explained to the lady that I’d like to stop getting statements.

She asked her manager for help. They decided the best they could do was to change my PO Box number on the system. That wouldn’t stop the statements being printed and posted, but it would stop me getting them.

Honestly, that’s the best they can do?

I wonder why I left..!


About Steff Gaulter

Al Jazeera English's Senior Weather Presenter
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