Theft in Doha

So…I got home and walked from the garage round the side of the house and saw a door to the house was wide open.

In London, I’d have immediately panicked, but not in Doha. I actually thought, “How lucky, I’d forgotten my keys!” and I just wandered on in, shut the door behind me and locked it.

It was only when I walked a few more steps into the house and noticed the back window was wide open and so were all the drawers and cupboards that I felt that cold feeling rise through me.

At that point, I did the courageous thing…I grabbed the phone and legged it!

I sat outside the house and called the police, who were really very good. As soon as I’d dialled 999, four different numbers called me, asking exactly where the compound was, and the first two cars turned up in minutes.

The first guys were CID. They were in unmarked cars and dressed in thobes. It was slightly embarrassing when they asked if anything was taken, I didn’t have a clue!

It took the marked police cars quite a while to arrive. The uniformed police man looked around the house, then we followed him down the station to make a statement.

After that, we headed back to the house with the forensic guy, who dusted for fingerprints and looked for any other evidence that would help. By this time it was 2am!

I was very impressed with the police. They were efficient and very helpful, but I hope they don’t mind that I don’t want to see them again…


About Steff Gaulter

Al Jazeera English's Senior Weather Presenter
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4 Responses to Theft in Doha

  1. non-white says:

    Bleh – when it happens to a brown person they dont exactly respond the same way….a month ago the police said its their policy that they do not come to the house if there is a burglary until you have come to the station to file a report (which takes 3-4hours) and even then there was little/no follow up.

    But keep your doors locked!

    • I doubt it was my colour, but more my pathetic-ness!
      I mentioned some magic phrases on the phone:
      “My husband is not here yet, and I’m too scared to go inside.”
      “I don’t know if the man is still in the house!”
      Then the policemen turn up faster 🙂

  2. Hussein says:

    When they asked if anything was taken?
    What was stolen Steff ?

    • Jewellery and money mostly…but annoyingly also my favourite pair of jeans, which is a bit random.
      The jewellery was the most upsetting thing, as a few of the items were from my grandmother. I wish I could get those back 😦

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