Dry Cleaners are different in Doha

In the UK, it was fairly easy: you took things to the dry cleaner, and two days later you picked up your freshly cleaned clothes and paid a million pounds for the privilege.

Here it’s not quite like that.

In Doha, you take your clothes to the dry cleaners and you’re never quite sure what will become of them.

We’ve just changed our dry cleaners as we’ve moved house. After the first trip to new premises, Felipe’s shirt fell off the hanger and needed an extra little ironing. However, when he put it on the ironing board, he noticed that someone had written his name under the collar!

Then he checked the other five that he’d taken to the dry cleaners at the same time and the ALL had his name written on. In pen!!

Who on earth would think it’s ok to write on a pristine white office shirt?!

And it’s not even like we can really complain….because:

Once, at the previous dry cleaners, my sky-blue blouse came back with little white dots all over it, like it had been sprayed with bleach. I took it back and complained, and they said they could fix it. I was doubtful. how on earth were they going to get rid of all the bleached dots?!

But sure enough, about three weeks later, my top was returned and incredibly it was all one colour. However, on closer inspection, all was not as well as I thought…

The stitching at the top was all wonkey and there were holes in some of the seams – they’d made me a new one!!

I tried to complain again, but the guy in the shop said the company had taken the money out of his salary to pay for my new handmade one. That’s just not right.

So…looks like Felipe’s shirts are going into the washing machine in future. Hope the ink doesn’t run…


About Steff Gaulter

Al Jazeera English's Senior Weather Presenter
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3 Responses to Dry Cleaners are different in Doha

  1. Noor says:

    Same here, took my dress to the dry cleaners, got a burnt stain at the bottom AND I had to pay twice since the first time he did not stamp the receipt with a PAID stamp. When I went to get the dress the woman wouldn’t let me leave unless I had paid again. Terrible service.

  2. Chris says:

    😦 it’s unbelievable that with such a large expat community, no decent laundry has opened up yet..I’ve had at least 4 black pants returned to me “shiny” from the ironing….

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