Christmas Brains

I would like to apologise to my friends this year. Not because their Christmas cards are likely to arrive late (even though they are!), but because some of them are unlikely to get there at all.

“Why?!” I hear you ask?


I think I needed slightly bigger stamps!

I had to put them on the back of the envelope and the addresses on the front. Chance of arrival = zero!

There was also a slight issue with the mathematical ability of the person behind the desk. I needed 32 stamps to the UK. There are two stamps per card. So…how many stamps do I need?

Well not 58 like the lady tried to give me.

When I asked for the extra six stamps, she then tried to charge me for 39 stamps. (No idea where she got the number 39 from). Good job all four of my grandparents were maths teachers! I knew it would come in useful.

The best bit was when I arrived home and found I’d left one card on the table! Doh! That one will definitely be late. Sorry Dazbagz!


About Steff Gaulter

Al Jazeera English's Senior Weather Presenter
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