Definitely Mushrooms

I got to the office today and noticed there’s something else growing in my pot plant alongside the fern…

My new friends

I don’t think many people find mushrooms growing naturally in the middle of a desert. I’ve always been special.

My mother has just read my blog and she’s worried:

Be very careful about mushrooms.  Did you know that **** was poisoned by her mother when she was a child?  Mother said she knew the difference between mushrooms and toadstools and fed the whole family wild mushrooms which turned out to be toadstools! Apparently they were all very sick indeed.

It’s ok mother. I have no intentions of eating them!


About Steff Gaulter

Al Jazeera English's Senior Weather Presenter
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9 Responses to Definitely Mushrooms

  1. Chicken says:

    Only you …

  2. Matt says:

    Hey Steff – we have mushrooms growing in the Kalahari Desert, here in southern Africa – they are huge compared to your samples 🙂

  3. Matt H. Buys says:

    Ha! Check out:

    Do not fear, I will not judge you by the size of your mushrooms :O

    That’s bigger than my head! What do they look like when they’re still growing? Are they red and spotty, as you could seriously fit a life-sized human being under one of them!!

  5. Glenn says:

    My other half just pointed out that a pot plant meets something entirely different here in the States….

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