You might know this already, but I write a weekly article for the Gulf Times. It’s out every Sunday on Page 5 of the Time Out section.

This week I was writing about Tornadoes, so I was doing a little research and a little googling when I found this picture on the Qatar Natural History Group website:

Tornadoes in Qatar!

The photo was taken on Sunday 26 October 2008, at Ras Laffan. You can’t question its authenticity – look at the Karwa buses in the foreground!

Goes to show, there definitely is weather in Qatar!

Many thanks to the Qatar Natural History Group for letting me use the photo.


About Steff Gaulter

Al Jazeera English's Senior Weather Presenter
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2 Responses to Tornadoes

  1. Kent Borg says:

    Sorry to be off-topic, but I wanted to complement a geology bit you did on Al Jazeera English recently. Beat the heck out of a fancy 3D thing NBC did a few days later. Bravo to AJE for letting you do it.

    -kb, the Kent is glad AJE is available online.

  2. Thanks for your kind words – very nice of you to say so.
    Sorry it’s taken me such a long time to respond to you, but I’ve just come back from holiday. Photos on the website will follow…

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