Banking made complicated

So…I’m trying to change banks. How hard can it be?

The bank I’m currently with is a little rubbish. Why am I being so polite?! It’s a lot rubbish, so I thought I’d change to another one…hopefully a better one. It can’t be worse…surely!

I phoned up my bank and asked them if I could close my account. They said no worries, I can do that at any branch. I went to my closest branch and they said I couldn’t do it there, so I enquired as to where the ‘any’ branch might be located. OF COURSE! It’s the one without parking…

So I went to the ‘any’ branch, who told me I had to cancel my credit cards and wait 45 days before they would give me a letter saying I had no outstanding liabilities to them and they didn’t object to me changing banks.


The man in the bank explained that apparently sometimes it takes a while for things to go through on your credit card. I am well aware of that, but I didn’t realise that in these electronic days, some countries sent their bills to Qatar by snail.

After 45 days, they issue you with a letter, which you can then take to your company of employment, so that they will then issue you with another letter saying they don’t mind you opening an account either.

How did things get this complicated? I want to open a bank account, not set one up!

Today I was very excited…my 45 days was up!

I went back to the ‘any’ branch for my letter. Guess what? You have to pay for it! Yes, they’re useless and mess up all the time, then charge you to leave them!

So they took the £4 out of my account and gave me the letter. Now I am freeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Hilariously I found a ‘Comments Card’ on the way out the door. I’ll enjoy filling that in…


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3 Responses to Banking made complicated

  1. happypoppeye says:


    You can change banks whenever you want (assuming your in the USA). If your old bank doesn’t like it …just leave that account open, take out all your money and leave the account open. It will cost them money…

    John …I hate banks.
    Bank of America is the worst company in the world!!!

    • It’s like that in the UK too, but here everything is a little special!
      I can easily avoid Bank of America (there’s not one here)…but I’ve noticed that very few people would actually recommend the bank they’re with! :-S

  2. happy says:

    some countries sent their bills to Qatar by snail: it is very funny but true. i hate banks too, they are evil.

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