Qatar National Day

Yesterday was Qatar National Day and having just won the World Cup in 2022, the country all went a bit crazy.

I’ve never seen so many flags in my life: on cars, on buildings, on lamp posts, and they’ve even put the bunting out in our compound!

There’s some beautifully decorated cars,

some were sparkley!

Children were waving flags…

And adults too!

Felipe has been trying to attack my dark red car with shaving foam to turn the whole thing into a giant flag. I was glad to be at work…with my car safely in the car park!

Around 7:30pm the traffic came to a stand-still

But not only due to the number of cars, but also because they wanted to do doughnuts. Look at the smoking tires!

The fireworks started at 8pm and carried on for 20 minutes.

Stunning…but I have to say that I’m a a little disappointed that the giant 20m disco ball didn’t make more of an appearance. Maybe next year!


About Steff Gaulter

Al Jazeera English's Senior Weather Presenter
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