It’s snow joke!

My final trip of the year was to the UK for my sister’s engagement party.

She didn’t pick a very good date for the party; it snowed. England doesn’t cope very well with snow.

It’s a good job we weren’t flying into Gatwick, as it was shut. Heathrow was at least open and the roads to the west weren’t too bad. Of course my sister lives East, which didn’t help.

The trains weren’t working, but the plucky little buses from Heathrow were picking their way through the snow and slush. Unfortunately this just meant that we could get to her, but no one could get to the venue of the drinks.

The party was scaled back and altered somewhat, becoming a snowball fight for four.

…with Angels in the snow:

From the warmth of Doha, I’d also booked a trip on the London Eye with my parents for the next day. I was beginning to question the wisdom of this as I emptied my suitcase and put on all the clothes I’d brought with me. I stepped outside and I was still cold.

Still, a glass of champagne would warm us up!

And it might have been cold, but as least we could see! The only other time I’ve been on the Eye, it was throwing it down and I couldn’t see a thing. England might work better in rain, but my camera works better in snow.


About Steff Gaulter

Al Jazeera English's Senior Weather Presenter
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2 Responses to It’s snow joke!

  1. lucy says:

    great blog! very amusing. i was smiling as i read.

    • Heeeey Lucy!
      You have a blog too – and a new baby!!! I don’t know which is more exciting!!! (Joke obviously – the blog’s great!) (Ho ho ho)
      Great to catch up on your news – and congratulations on the new arrival

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