Due to various issues, but mainly bad planning, I had to buy a suitcase in Hanoi before I flew to Chile. I needed one which was nice and small, so I could take it on as hand-luggage (I already figured the connection times were a bit tight.)

The one I bought said it was Samsonite. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that it wasn’t…

It lost one of its legs on the flight back to Doha…and then as I arrived at the house – look that happened!

At least it made it home before disintegrating!! I must stop buying things off dodgy street vendors!


About Steff Gaulter

Al Jazeera English's Senior Weather Presenter
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One Response to Suitcases

  1. Chicken says:

    The fact you could haggle him down to £1.50 probably gave it away that it wasn’t a real samsonite ….

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